Our TankSmart system applies the best technology for real-time automated control and monitoring of your fuel stock. Our strategic partnership with FAFNIR allows us to offer VISY Stick magnetostrictive probes as part of a complete automated HW/SW solution – from the high precision probes to the intuitive software interface.

The built-in alarms and alerts empower you to plan all your fuel orders and deliveries ahead. The system is open for integration with all major ERP systems.


  • Magnetostrictive probes
  • Fuel level control
  • Automated sludge and water detection and monitoring
  • Verification of the temperature with relative compensation at 15°
  • Automated management of minimum levels
  • Automated blockage of contaminated fuel dispensing
  • Built-in preemptive alerts (phone/sms/e-mail)

Add Values

  • Virtually, no limit to the number of monitored fuel tanks
  • All tank types supported
  • Zero possibility of human error during data reading and/or transcription
  • Detailed and customized reports on fuel load and stock planning
  • Fraud and theft prevention, alerts, alarms and security protocols
  • Secure real-time communication with HQ ERP systems
  • Remote HW diagnostics

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