Tanker Truck Smart

Tanker Truck Smart

MASER’s TTS solution is a unique, fully automated and integrated system for fuel products transportation control and monitoring.
By integrating top-grade magnetostrictive probes, Electronic seals, GPS tracking and a system for event data logging we accomplish virtually unmatched security level and undetected fraud and theft prevention.

From the depot to the petrol station, the operator of the tanker truck fleet can monitor all the fuel products’ characteristics and parameters. Detailed and secured logs are kept for all events and actions of the tanker truck and the exit and entry fuel points/valves.


  • All-in-one solution
  • Depot-to-site product monitoring
  • Automated and secured data logger
  • Integrated fuel entry and exit points security with Electronic seals
    - ATEX ‘zone 0’ approved
  • Magnetostrictive probes for product, water and temperature monitoring
  • Centralized real-time-data graphic interface monitoring system

The MSER TTS system is one of a kind packaged solution, which unites several technologies to deliver the ultimate system for smart and secure fuel transportation.

We have managed to find a secure solution for all tanker truck fuel transportation issues.

The sophisticated software system for data logging, constantly logs, analyses and reports all product parameters received from the magentostrictive probes in the tanks. Our algorithms take into account all internal and external factors and variables and export analytical data with 99.8% accuracy. This means that, at any moment, regardless of the external factors, the petrol fleet management team can account for all fuel products, in all tanker trucks with the accuracy of +/-2 liters per metric ton.

The data logging module records every vehicle and product event or fluctuation with a time and GPS coordinates stamp, taking into account the yawl, pitch and roll axis of the truck by relying on 9 built-in mems sensors. With maser’s tts system you always have a detailed record of when, where and what happened to your tanker truck and fuel products during transportation.

The security log cycle starts at the depot, when the fuel entry point electronic seals detect the valves have been opened. It ends at the petrol station delivery point, where the data logger detects the delivery route end-point, the electronic seals of the fuel exit valves are opened and the fuel is unloaded. The electronic seals detect every 2.0 mm displacement of the valve locks at the fuel exit an entry points.

We openly challenge any other solution to prove a higher and sturdier level of accuracy, theft an fraud prevention than what we have accomplished with tts.

Added value

  • Real-time depot to petrol station product monitoring
  • Centralized management of the network (Trucks and Oil Depots)
  • Fully automated predefined and custom analyses of all events
  • Autonomous and secured data exchange
  • Vehicle GPS tracking
  • Next-gen fuel entry and exit points Electronic seals
  • ZERO possibility for undetected theft and fraud
  • Industry standards -certified
  • Graphical and chart data representation
  • Easy and cost-effective installation

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