SmartPOS Non-Oil 4.0 is a natural extension of our StoreSmart 4.0 solution, designed to manage the retail processes of all non-oil products at the convenience store. The modular and flexible software architecture is designed to be seamlessly tailored to the station/network owner’s needs, products, processes and local legal, fiscal and accounting requirements.


  • Maximum prevention of human errors, fraud and theft
  • Built-in customizable reports on all product sales/stock and payment transactions
  • Detailed transaction data logs
  • Built-in inventory management functions
  • Centralized price management with “product-by-product” and “all products” mode
  • Historical price-change data logs
  • Secure real-time communication with HQ monitoring systems
  • Remote diagnostics for each cash point
  • Automated tel./SMS/e-mail emergency service and maintenance alerts

Added Value

  • Full control of all of the sales in the service station: fuel, accessories, bars, restaurants and any activity involving retail sales
  • The intuitive and easy to use menus and graphical interface decrease training and transaction times
  • Seamless integration with any ERP or other management systems
  • Easy to adapt to the client’s specific needs and local legislation requirements

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