OfficeSmart is a modular portal solution with flexible and customizable design architecture, which allows you to easily tailor the interface and reporting tools to your specific needs and requirements. The intuitive graphical user interface relies on accurate and precise back-end data, collected by our sophisticated forecourt operation systems and devices. We know that, apart from real-time access, monitoring and controlling functions, what is critically important for a back-office system is accurate data collection. we have invested a great deal to make sure that all collected data is 100% accurate and analytically structured.


  • Client-tailored customizable solution
  • Encrypted VPN data exchange from HQ to all service stations
  • Real-time data stream or timer-managed file exchange modes
  • Autonomous site and network management
  • Remote price and product management:
    • Direct real-time price changes
    • Pre-defined timer-initiated price changes
  • Remote dispenser diagnostics
  • Built-in alarms for operation-critical parameters and systems

Added value

  • Real-time critical systems data collection
  • Real-time forecourt device operation monitoring
  • Secured remote device SW updates and maintenance
  • Built-in fuel stock analytics and delivery planning utilities
  • ERP integration-ready
  • Remote site management

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