Ocean MPD

The fuel dispensers TATSUNO OCEAN MPD are single or double-sided fuel dispensers with one to ten hoses (max. five hoses on each fuel dispenser side) for dispensing of an optional 1 to 5 products. The fuel dispensers are equipped with a high-quality Japanese hydraulic system TATSUNO and with a reliable electronic calculator. All fuel dispensers of the series OCEAN are operated both in manual mode (i.e. off-line) and in automatic mode, where the fuel dispenser is linked with the Site Management System and/or OPT and the data concerning volume, sum and price are transmitted to POS and/or OPT.


  • Multiproduct fuel dispensers
  • 1 to 10 hoses / 1 to 5 products
  • Gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, E85
  • Vapor recovery (optional)
  • Delivered flow rate - standard 40 L/min; high 80 L/min; ultra-high 130-150 L/min
  • 2 design versions - BASIC, TOP
  • Height 1900mm (BASIC version)
  • Hose retraction system - active nozzle radius 5.0 m


  • Long life and high accurate hydraulics TATSUNO (Japan)
  • Reliable electronic counter PDEX or TBELTx
  • LCD displays (7-6.5-5), or proportional graphic LCD displays
  • Electronically controlled display LED backlight
  • Modern compact design - 2 design versions BASIC, TOP
  • Pulse generators TATSUNO (Japan)
  • Electronic totalizers and electromechanical totalizer for every dispensing nozzle
  • Infra-red remote controller for dispenser setup
  • Vapor recovery system with electronic signalling and monitoring system (optional)
  • Dispensing hoses and nozzles: TATSUNO or ZVA-ELAFLEX
  • Reliable hose retraction system with long active nozzle radius (5.0 m)
  • Proportional valves for preselection of dispensed amount/volume
  • 4-buttons keypad for amount/volume preselection
  • MIN/MAX flow button (optional) - 130/80 or 80/40 or 40/5 LPM (motorbikes)
  • Any model or color - on customer’s request
  • Possibility to install multimedia module or payment terminal - on customer’s request
  • Temperature volume correction to volume at 15°C (optional)

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