The MASER CardSmart system is a unique solution, which empowers you to create, customize and manage you own branded fidelity/points/discount scheme. Cardsmart is already developed to comply the new European electronic invoicing standards and requirements. The software architecture design is open and modular, with management access tools and functions, which allow the station/network management to control, update and manage all loyalty parameters and functions in real-time mode.


  • Black list/white list and real-time card authorization functionality
  • Fidelity/loyalty cards management
    • Prepayment cards
    • Post payment cards
    • Points cards
    • Discount cards
  • Real-time management of all client/card related parameters defined in the system batch-by-batch and card-by-card:
    • Block/Unblock card/client
    • Set/Modify daily limit
    • Set/Modify monthly limit
    • Check amount
    • Set /Modify discount rate
    • And moreā€¦
  • Pre-defined/customizable, automated reports
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

Added Value

  • Flexible, proprietary card management system
  • Client-tailored solution
  • Define your own Discount/Loyalty/Points card management system
  • Real-time remote access management
  • EMV-encryption security level
  • Elimination of paper vouchers

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