StoreSmart 4.0

System for oil and gas station management

Our unique Master-Master system architecture does not allow any possibility of blocking the operation.
StoreSmart 4.0 is designed to have complete functional redundancy with our Self - Service MAC 4.0 payment terminal.

So, if for any reason, one of the systems - MAC or StoreSmart 4.0 - is temporarily offline, the other is able to manage all the devices and operations taking place on the forecourt - Dispensers, Price totems, ATGs and car wash systems .

As this problem disappears, the systems are automatically realigned.


  • Capability to manage a virtually unlimited number of dispensers
  • Dispenser-vendor-independent (built-in multi-protocol compatibility)
  • Management of all forecourt operation-critical systems – OPT MAC 4.0, Price totems, Dispensers, ATG systems and Car-wash systems.
  • Master/Master architecture – independent forecourt operation-critical systems management
  • Secured, automated and centralized data-log entry
  • Detailed and customizable sales, product delivery and cash flow reports
  • Prevention of fraud and theft
  • Flexible time/island operation mode management (Ghost, Fast line, Hybrid, etc.)
  • Centralized product price management (by dispenser/location/region etc.)
  • Historical price-change data logs and analytics

Added value

Complete control of the service station infrastructure – Dispensers, OPTs, ATGs, Price Totems
Built-in accurate reporting tools and facilities, minimizing the possibility for fraud and human errors
Designed according to the most stringent industry safety standards
Flexible and seamless integration with any fiscal, accounting, ERP, etc. systems
Client-tailored to comply with market-specific regulatory and legislative requirements
Our unique MASTER-MASTER (Store Smart 4.0 - MAC 4.0) system architecture ensures virtually no downtime of forecourt operations
The intuitive and easy to use touch screen interface reduces cashier-training time and increases a cashier’s accuracy and speed