Competence and experience at the customer's service

Network Management and support services (SLA)

For us the care for our clients does not end with the celebration of the opening of a new fully operational service station.

We offer the full range of support, monitoring and management services of the industry standard SLA. From the engineering infrastructure maintenance, through the 24/7 help line and 1st and 2nd level systems support to the administration and management of all recurring certification and compliance documentation our experienced staff will take care of everything you need.


  • 24/7 help desk
  • Level I and II technical customer support line for monitoring and resolution of critical forecourt issues
  • Instructional forecourt operator help desk service
  • Remote maintenance for automation equipment (Site-management equipment, Payment Terminals and peripheral devices)
  • Logistics, stock-management and installation of forecourt equipment and spare parts
  • Onsite maintenance of in-warranty and out-of-warranty forecourt equipment
  • On-site software/firmware and hardware updates management
  • On-site maintenance of fiscal printers (installation, fiscal configuration, mandatory periodic verification)
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the central office data collection and the integration to the ERP system
  • Development of ad-hoc dashboards for campaign management
  • Cost assessment and management services for additional on-site work, delivered by subcontracted companies out-of-contract-scope
  • Centralized archive documentation management for all sites of the network
  • Management and supervision of expiration and renewal cycle of all licenses, certificates and other regulatory/compliance documentation of the network
  • Procurement of spare parts for obsolete and discontinued yard equipment

Maser professional construction and engineering services

MASER will be with you from the beginning to the end of the construction of an entirely new filling station or the renovation and upgrade (retrofitting) of an old one.

We are experienced in the end-to-end project management encompassing all the necessary engineering and administrative activities.


  • Professional on-site analysis and consulting services
  • Complete end-to-end project management
  • Construction and renovation consulting
  • Project management and coordination of new site construction and on-site infrastructure upgrades/modifications
  • Engineering on-site project management and supervision of new site construction and on-site infrastructure upgrades/modifications
  • Security management of the work in progress of new site construction and on-site infrastructure upgrades/modifications
  • New equipment delivery and installation
  • Complete forecourt management system customization and implementation
  • Retrofitting and integration of existing/legacy systems and hardware infrastructure
  • Professional compliance and certification services