Automated cash management system

The PayChange system is one of the components of our complete automation package, which offers a 360º solution for customers in automatic mode. It allows you to have a fully automated service station and through the PayChange the trust of users is always higher.

PayChange is the solution in service stations, which raises the level of automation and control. It interfaces with the systems Storesmart 4.0 and Officesmart 4.0 in real time, therefore the head of the station and the supervisors of the central office can monitor and manage the cash flow of the station/ network at any time.


  • It allows you to manage the rest of a refuelling in real time and in cash
  • It offers the possibility to exchange banknotes of all denominations with lower denomination banknotes
  • It allows you to manage a full payment of a refueling even in served mode (typically for LPG and CNG)
  • It accepts and provides all denominations of banknotes
  • It accepts and provides coins of all amounts
  • It is equipped with JCM banknote acceptors to ensure the highest level of authentication and security
  • It integrates with a maximum of 4 Square Terminals 4.0

Added value

An additional self-service value utility
Transit clients can cash their change receipt unattended immediately
End-to-end unmanned service mode
It eliminates the risk of losing the change credit receipt
Reduced indoor kiosk client flow
Integrated with the Full site-management system to empower: Real-time cash-in-cash-out control & monitoring - Reporting - End-of-day/shift reconciliation