Smart screens

The MEDIASMART unit is an intelligent communication system for users.

Through the MEDIASMART system it is possible to view videos and messages to provide information to users regarding the services offered on the service station or it is possible to view videos and advertisements, including from third parties.



Added value

The great advantage of the MEDIASMART units is that they are intelligent devices integrated into the automation architecture Yard Management Maser
The video files to be displayed are managed directly through the StoreSmart System, thus allowing fast, flexible and above all completely automated management. Obviously, the same procedure also applies to Product Prices, available on the StoreSmart System
Thanks to this fully integrated management it is possible to send video files from the StoreSmart system, as well as the Product Prices directly to the MediaSmart units and it can also be done "n" times a day without any problem
In case of centralized remote management, it is possible to manage video files directly from the OfficeSmart system installed in the Company's offices. The files sent by the HQ to the service stations on its network can be the same for all service stations or they can be "customized" for each service station, ensuring flexibility and unique management.
Same identical method for managing Product Prices