Outdoor Payment Terminal

The MAC SP forecourt terminal is our all-in-one solution for the automation and autonomous management of the forecourt.

The MAC SP is a self-sufficient yard terminal, able to manage all the processes, devices and systems present at the H24 service station.
Top reliability obtained thanks to an innovative, robust, functional and elegant hardware design.

MAC SP accepts cash and card payments.
The MAC SP can be equipped with a standard safety pedestal, a class 2 double-walled pedestal or an automatic underground safe.


  • Unattended operation without interruption of the service station 24 h / 7 days
  • Linux operating system
  • Master-Master architecture: management of the control system of the independent and autonomous forecourt
  • Improvement of management times of transactions and overall efficiency of the service
  • Fully automated management of self-service refueling
  • Fully compliant solution and certified for all types of electronic payments:

- Banknotes
- Debit Cards
- Credit Cards
- Company cards
- Fuel cards
- Fidelity cards
- Point cards
- Company cards

  • Automatic two-way communication in real time with the ERP system at the HQ
  • Voice instructions for customers
  • Multi-language instructions (display messages, on tickets and voice messages)
  • Customizations on request

Added value

Unique system architecture MASTER-MASTER that eliminates possible interruptions of yard operations
Compliant with all industry security standards for banknotes and transactions cards (EMV, PCI 3/4, CB2)
Automatic management of the yard systems 24/7
Multi-protocol management for dispensers, price totems, ATG and car wash systems
Linux operating system: Faster reboot in case of shutdown and reduced downtime to a minimum
Management and control of operators with FillSmart technology
Automated cash flow, control and monitoring of each operator's shift
Flexible operating modes
Money Drop functionality