Automatic transaction management system

The KIT FILLSMART is a RFID system that is installed on each side of the regulator.

Operators are equipped with contactless cards to enable refueling; each operator is assigned permissions and limits of the operations they can perform. The system guarantees the responsibility of the operator of every action on the apron, keeps logs protected, facilitates end-of-shift operations, reports and accounting of all operations.

The FillSmart solution enables service station owners to achieve the highest level of automation and security for the control of apron operations.


  • Automated management and control of all attendants
  • Automated management and control of all fuel dispensing operations
  • Fuel attendants gain access to their permitted operations by using a contactless card
  • A FillSmart kit is installed on each side of the dispensers for faster service
  • Real-time activity logs on all attendants’ operations
  • No dispensers with nozzles “open”
  • The MAC 4.0 OPT independently manages all FillSmart operations
  • Real-time interactive price management
  • Built-in, automated, customizable end-of-shift and end-of-day reports



Added value

Fully automated forecourt operation with no distinction between ‘attendant-island’ and ‘self-island’
100% fraud and human error prevention
Attendant identification technology, which optimizes, secures and speeds-up the “attendant” service mode
Flexible, modular integration
Dispenser-vendor-independent technology
Fast and seamless interface with all existing and legacy dispensers