Charging units

Electric charging units fast/standard

Serial / ethernet connectivity allows integration with Maser automation solutions, payment platforms and smart grid networks, also offering the opportunity to carry out any type of diagnosis or remote assistance.

The top-up payment management is the most complete and flexible: top-up with coupon code or card (for loyal users), with ATM card or credit card through the Mac Terminal or directly from the APP; moreover, through the Mac terminal it is possible to manage the payment also through banknotes.

Added value

Be integrated: Possibility of integrating with Maser automation solutions in order to have the maximum flexibility in the management of payments and the most complete choice possible of the payment method
Be interactive : Users and the manager can also communicate with the station through a smartphone app or web portal
Localization and status management: Through a special application available for Android and iOS it is possible to locate the FAST column closest to the current position, find the path to reach it, and know if the column is free or occupied
Recharge control: Once recharging has started, you can check the progress of recharge and be notified in case of alarms and end of recharging