MASER automation - Achieve more! Invest less!
Our integrated automation technological solution has constantly evolved on the basis of over 30 years of experience mainly in the Italian market, which is recognized as the most complete and competitive in the world.
Our automation technology focuses on what is most important to our customers:
Our solutions are the result of decades of innovation and natural evolution and have been created to meet the specific needs of the market.



For more than three decades, MASER has managed to stay ahead of the competition by driving innovation in the industry from the fuel depot and tanker truck fleet, to the forecourt and convenience store we continue to raise the bar, improve, innovate and set the industry standards.

Corporate values and expertise

Our company has invested significant resources in critical in depth analysis of all segments of the petrol retail industry. Our experienced service and R&D experts continuously search for elements of the operational management systems and forecourt (SW/ infrastructure where there is room for improvement and optimization. Our business development analysts have become top level experts, not only in retail petroleum industry automation, but also in environmental compliance, financial transaction automation systems compliance, local and international accounting standards compliance and much more.


Our goal is to be able to meet market demands by driving innovation in the sector, from the automation of the yard to the fuel depot, from the management of Non Oil to the fleet of tankers with particular attention to centralized data management.
To date, Maser systems are installed in more than 3,500 service stations, sites and depots in Italy and in some foreign countries, and we aim for the future to gradually expand our brand both in Italy and in the foreign market.


The company's goal is to maintain a close relationship with the business needs of our customers.
Our automation technology focuses on what is most important to customers:

• Compliance: legal, tax and financial standards
• Loyalty: reliability, devotion, flexibility
• Optimization: speed, cost efficiency, intelligent resources
• Security: guarantee, peace of mind, promptness
• Business: creativity, initiative, originality


The company is pursuing its growth objectives by strengthening the technical structure and therefore updating the product range, strengthening and reorganizing the commercial, after-sales and assistance structure.
In light of the above, Maser Italia is investing over 12% of its annual turnover in Research & Development activities.
Currently, 6 IT engineers and 5 technicians are directly employed in the R&D department; 5 other external engineers work full time on the development of our systems and applications.


Through our automation technology, we invest in reliability and functionality, therefore in the FUTURE!

MASER has created a system:








Communication protocols with all existing dispensers

Automation solutions for networks of any size (POS, OPT, ATG, totem, centralized management, scalability of solutions)

Installation and maintenance of Terminals

TATSUNO petrol stations

Automated and independent yard management systems

Maintenance and installation of inventory control systems

Integrated payment systems

Intelligent management of remote devices

Fleet monitoring and management with safety systems

Fuel logistics and inventory control

Systems for managing and monitoring alarms

Maintenance management

MASER automation solution

When you need to build from scratch or upgrade your existing forecourt infrastructure for optimization, cost reduction, modernization or compliance reasons, you would prefer to invest only in what you need, not what the supplier of equipment has decided to sell you. MASER offers you the opportunity to build or improve the infrastructure of the yard and to grow, minimizing investment costs: YOU INVEST LESS TO GET MORE!